Barker Trade - Dynasty Superflex

Just started a dynasty superflex league and still unfamiliar with trade values. 10-team 1/2 PPR QR/2RB/3WR/TE/2Flex/SuperFlex.

I’ve been offered Baker for Pittman. Thoughts?

QB: Dak, Ryan, Jameis
WR: Jefferson, Kupp, Diontae, C. Davis, Pittman, Fuller, Marvin Jones, Eskridge, Hamler

Barker, Baker… Baker Mayfield? Being a dynasty superflex, I’d probly do that… Ryan’s on his last legs, and Winston might not even start throughout THIS season, let alone next, so you could use the QB reinforcement in the long term.

It feels ugly as hell. Dalton is the only QB on waivers for what that’s worth.