Barkley Dynasty Trade Scenario - PPR

Who wins?

Team A receives: Saquon Barkley, Mike Williams, Jared Cook, 2019 3rd round pick

Team B receives: Joe Mixon, Dante Pettis, Evan Engram, James White

Team A:

Allen Robinson
Mark Ingram
—notable bench players—
James White
Kareem Hunt
Dante Pettis
Keke Coutee

Team B:

Russell Wilson
Davin Cook
Michael Thomas
Stefon Diggs
Jared Cook
Marlon Mack
Mike Williams
—notable bench players—
Latavius Murray
Albert Wilson
Vance McDonald

Honestly its a very fair trade but falls toward Side A initially

Saquan>mixon (not a crazy large drop but still a drop)
Williams>Pettis (this is where the trade could flop…if pettis continues his ascension and Williams doesn’t then the trade could start to lean toward side B)
engram > cook (this is where the value the RBs start to level out…cook could be done after this year…engram still has a decent career left)

Jwhite>3rd round pick (most picks after the 1st are shot in the dark at best…j white has been very reliable for last few years and will continue that trend for at least another year if not longer)

Appreciate the thoughts man.

I’d say team A wins and it’s not close… the #1 ranked player in dynasty should carry a premium if somebody wants to go after them… this is not paying anywhere near that premium… Barkley owner should be able to get two elite players for Barkley, this only gives him one and Mixon in a PPR league is pretty steep dropoff

Realistically I think it should be Barkley and garbage bench players for all of the Team B side… and even then I’d rather just keep Barkley, because none of the other guys will have the same single-slot impact

In value the trade is close to even. However, Barkley side wins. The extreme value of that single player cannot be overlooked.

Either side could be a benefit to a receiving team based on contenting/rebuilding status.

I take team A and I don’t look back.

A by a mile…

Barkley >>>> Mixon (not that Mixon isn’t an excellent option but Barkley is a much more complete fantasy asset, and has far fewer questions in terms of durability and usage)

Williams > Pettis (I get that Pettis is a fun breakout player, but why is everyone ignoring that Williams basically broke out last year and is ascending himself.

I don’t think either tight end would move the needle for me either way… Engram is younger but you’re telling me pairing him with Daniel Jones is going to make him the straw that breaks this trade camels back?

James White is underrated, absolutely - but he’s not a long term asset in Dynasty formats… I think you can make up his production elsewhere