Barkley for McCaffery and Cooper

I have been offered Barkley for McCaffery and Amari Cooper.

Other RB: Kamara, M. Lynch, S. Michel, K. Johnson, and Breida
Other WR: FItzgerald, E. Sanders, Edelman, Lockett, Williams

League is a redraft 1Pt PPR

What are your thoughts?

I wouldn’t do that trade. In a PPR league McCaffery is gold, plus Cooper I think is gonna be big with them losing mack and Bryant. I think he is your best receiver.

Agreed, but the potential Barkley Kamara stack required that I phone a friend.


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Id probably take Barkley. That stack is just too yummy to pass on.

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I like Barkley this year but I think your giving up to much…seeing your Team there is a big drop off after Amari, if you can give Fitz instead I might like the deal a little better

Pass. As much as I love Barkley, I also love CMac in PPR formats. Also, with the Mack trade, Cooper stock shot up for me. That team is going to be straight trash and can easily see cooper getting 150 targets this year.

thanks gents seems like we are all on the same page.

In a full PPR I don’t think you can get better than CMC/Kamara stack. The QB questions are nonexistent for those guys and who knows how the NY offence is going to look with only Barkley and Engram (mostly) for the first 4 weeks. **Pass on this opportunity