Barkley for Mixon?

In my ten team .5PPR league, you can keep 4 players as your first 4 picks. I kept Odell, Michael Thomas, Jordan Howard, and Joe Mixon.

The owner of the #1 pick after keepers (5.01) offered to trade me the 5.01 for my 5.04, Mixon, and 9.04 (4th round after keepers)

Doing some digging, it looks like the first three guys are planning on going Barkley, Guice, and Freeman. So the rest would be available at my 5.04

Thoughts? Thanks in advance, friends!

What do you mean by the rest? The rest of the rookies? Assuming the top RBs and other Top WRs are obviously gone?

I would definitely give up MIxon and a 4th round pick for Barkley. Especially if it means you can keep him indefinitely going forward.

The one complication is you also have OBJ and I don’t really like stacking WR/RBs but Barkley is well above Mixon in both talent, team, and opportunity so hard to pass up.

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