Barkley for Thomas and White

Full PPR. Thoughts on trading Barkely for Thomas and J. White? I need to upgrade my WR and RB

I am 7-3 in my league. Trying to upgrade my team and make a push for the championship. Injuries have been killing me. I am questionable about Barkley and the Giants ROS. Thoughts?

Current team:

  • Carr / Wilson (BYE)
  • Barkley (BYE) Gordon, Ballage, Gallman, Murray, Mattison
  • Thielen (doubtful), Lockett (BYE), Fitz, Woods, Beasley
  • Hooper (out) / Fant
  • SF

I’d hang onto Barkely. He gets Miami in week 15 and Washington in Week 16. Those are championship-winning match ups.

Sounds good. Any suggestions on how to beef my team up / replace injuries?

Go get DK Metcalf or Josh Gordon off of waivers if they’re available.