Barkley/Fournette trade

I’m being offered Barkley and Sanders for Fournette, Fitzgerald, and Michel in full ppr.

Should I take the offer?

We start 3wrs,2rbs,one flex.

Other wrs are Hopkins, Corey Davis, Cobb, Garcon, Hurns, Rishard Matthews.

Other rbs are McKinnon, Royce Freeman, Clement, K Johnson.

Thank you!

I would not make that deal in either redraft or dynasty.

Drop Michel, and I’d do it. Otherwise, I think that’s too much.

I wouldn’t move Barkley as his ceiling is way better than LEO. ODB deep threat gonna open up plenty receiving options for Barkley, who might finish as their 2nd leading receiver in terms of catches, yards and touchdowns. Nuke is a stud, Corey Davis is a strong bounce back and break out candidate and garcon and hurns look serviceable with upside.

I’m keeping Leo, Fitz and Sony all day

This kind of headline doesn’t mean a whole lot.

He wouldn’t be moving Barkley, he was offered Barkley.

“As far as the schedule, the pound and ground on your body” the rest of the quote says. Nice sensational, meaningless headline

For the most elite players, things are suppose to be getting slower for the athelete per game played. I mean his tape screams off the charts, and he has drawn Barry like comparisons. Gurley paved the way for backs to get drafted high, as well as a new premium for RB salaries. Todd G don’t talk BS, everything he does and says is well calculated.

There’s a reason why Todd Gurley is a player and not a GM or a coach. He’s not getting paid for being able to identify college prospect success in the NFL. Getting paid to run and catch the ball. That headline is literally worth diddly squat.

Correction Meant go get you some BARKLEY!!!

I personally would pass on this offer. I would keep Leo / Fitz / Sony and be totally happy with the decision.

If anyone is interested in joining my league🙄

Barkley is a home run waiting to happen on every touch. If David J, Zeke and A Kamara can put up #s, what’s the issue here? Also, speaking of LSU backs, Guice brought an aspect to LSU backfield in a similar fashion as LEO did. Derrius kinda gets lost, with so much of the noise and focus being around Saquon Barkley. In any other year we would be raving about what Derrius Guice brings to the table. These two rookies are outright studs.

Barkley ~ David J, Zeke, A Kamara
Guice ~ Leo, K Hunt

As good, if not better!