Barkley/Metcalf for Taylor/Lamb

I received an offer from owner of Barkley, who also included DJ Metcalf with Barkley for Taylor & Lamb.

My other two starting WR’s are Evans and Marvin Jones & have M. Thomas on IR. My RB2 is Mitchell or Fournette. I need RB help after Gus was drafted and then put on IR. We play 3 WRs/ 0.5 PPR. I’m 1-1 as an owner.

Would you pull the trigger in the hopes that Saquon eventually gets it together within the next few weeks and will be a top 5 guy at the end of the year? Thoughts?

I would do that, would rather be on the Barkley side. Gotta do it this week, he has a favorable matchup and all trades for him could be shut down after this week. That Indy offense will probably struggle.

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I pulled the trigger and made the trade…hopefully I made the right choice moving forward.

I would do it in a heartbeat. The colt’s offense is going to be hit or miss with their QB situation, and in my opinion Barkley will keep getting better as he gets more games in. Metcalf should have positive regression, i don’t think he’ll be much worse if worse at all than CD rest of season

I think this was a great trade for you. Barkley is 1 more week away from, hopefully, getting more involved. And DK is about to blow up. As a Lockett owner i am all to familiar with the cliff he falls off as the season progresses, this will make DK a beast during fantasy playoffs.

Great trade on your part.