Barkley or Conner for Hopkins

Guy who is dealing with injuries and fighting for the last playoff spot offered to send me either Barkley or Conner for Hopkins, Kenny G and Richard.

My RB’s: Hunt, Fournette, Coleman, Richard
WR’s: Julio, Hopkins, Adams, Woods, Kenny G

Do it with my WR depth to get another stud RB1? Or stay put

I’d go for Barkley here. That’s an awesome deal you’re getting. Texans/ Lions offense is trending downwards.

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I would do it, you have Julio and Adams and good depth at WR2 behind. I don’t know who your preference is; i think i’d go Barkley myself but both are great options. Plus it means you don’t hurt too much if Fournette goes down again and Coleman stays just a middling RB2 do the deal man it’s a win for you overall.

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I’d prefer Barkely over Connor, but I’d take either honestly

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if i am reading this correctly its a 3 for 1? hopkins kenny and richard for barkley or conner?

You DO have the depth to make this kind of move, but i think its a pretty outrageous trade. I mean Hopkins is a top 5 WR, yes RB’s have more value but even a 2 for 1 makes more sense than 3.

But, like i said, you do have the depth for it and with playoffs right around the corner, studs only up your chances…

I do think he’s taking advantage of you a bit though

oh yea give me either one for this all day. Take your pick

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I get it but Richard won’t see my lineup ever so feel like it’s essentially Hop and Kenny G is how I look at it and even he isn’t playing over those other WR

Exactly. If youre in a good roster spot, it’s ok to knowingly overpay this time of year to sure up your playoff starting roster. As an example, i overpayed for Hopkins, sending Diggs, KJ and Boyd for him last week. The week before, i sent Barkley, Juju and Chubb for Zeke and MT.

But my chips are now all-in on a roster that i’m counting on to win the league and I have little to no confusion as to who i play.

Here is my playoff starting lineup:


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Nice work that’s a solid starting lineup for the playoffs

Damn, your team is better than my playoff lineup.


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You get the point. Don’t think about “overpaying” or who “wins/loses” the trade or even “depth” right now. Think about acquiring league winners that are set and forget. Our thoughts are singular: what does my playoff starting lineup look like if i make this trade, better or worse than before. This is my risky strategy anyways and why i think you’re making a good move.

As for which is best between Conner and Barkley. I’m against the grain here; i think Conner out produces Barkley through the playoffs. You’re good either way, “flip a coin”, so they say. If it were me with gun to head, I’d roll with Conner.

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I’d do it for Barkley all day

I think I lean Conner here, but you can’t go wrong either way. Either way, I would absolutely make this trade to get a top 5 rb.

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Yea I’m of the same mind set I never look at winning or losing or depth of trades this time of year unless I’m the one needing the depth. I’ve made enough moves and took risks like you to get a starting lineup I am confident in. If I can add another top 5 RB I think my team is stacked heading into the playoffs

I went with Barkley

would you guys do gurley for conner & ertz though?

i’d be giving up gurley

Depends on the rest of your roster. If they throw in another mid tier player too I’d do it yes. But if I’m in need of a TE this isn’t terrible. You’re getting another top 5 RB back and a top 2 TE

matt ryan
nick chubb
dion lewis
tyler boyd
mohammad sanu

Bench: Gurley, jordan howard, malcom brown (in case gurley sits out playoffs), willie snead and gus edwards