Barkley or DJ

1st pick in 10 team keeper. Keepers are Adams, Mixon, Ajayi, Olsen, Luck. Top guys on the board are Saquon, DJ. Julio, Fournette

To be honest, anyone except for Julio with the first pick. Productive WR’s are always easier to find later in the draft than RB’s and if Barkley is as good as he’s hyped to be, you really don’t want to be known as the guy who passed on him.

It being a keeper, I think its Barkley. Nothing against DJ, but unless you cant keep 1st round picks next year, having a young, healthy guy like Barkley who has the workload to himself, it’s easy. Plus, he could out score DJ. Asking a lot of a rookie to be one of the top backs (recent history aside) but out of anyone that has come out of the draft recently, it’s hard to deny that he could do it. We might see 3 years running of rookies leading the league in rushing. I wouldn’t put money on that, but its definitely In the realm of possibilities.


Dammm Buster. You murdered it right there. Agreed!!! Short & Sweet. Nice piece!!

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I like DJ to produce more this year, but I agree with BusterD on this one. Since it’s a keeper, I’d go Barkley for the upside on future drafts. I’m sure Saquon will put up good numbers, but I wouldn’t bank on his rookie numbers being like Zeke or AP.

Let’s keep in mind that PFF has graded the cardinals O-Line as 27 out of 32

At #24, Giants line isn’t much to write home about either. I think what does it for me is veteran qb, and great recieving options in NY. Eliminates stacked fronts. Plus he is only 21. I may have just changed my mind

Funny, the receiving options and QB in NY are a big part of the reason I’d still have to strongly consider DJ. I think DJ is the clear 2nd option in the passing game, along with being a lock for 250+ carries. Fitz is going to get 150ish targets, but after that, there is no one to challenge DJ. Comparatively, Beckham is going to get at least as many targets as Fitz and both Shephard and Engram are bigger threats to Barkley’s receiving workload than anyone else in th e desert. I also think Bradford is much better than Manning at this point, and wouldn’t be shocked if Rosen is as good or better right away either (it’s not a high bar). I love Barkley, but his ceiling isn’t much higher (if any higher) than what DJ has already proven he is.

Really, age is the only reason I’d even consider Barkley, but that is a legit consideration for a keeper.

So to me between the two I just believe the giants offense will be much better than the cardinals so he will be able to score more…i would be surprised if DJ gets more than 10 td’s. So I go with upside of Barkley over the shitty offense of the cardinals

And why do you believe their offense is going to be bad?

Well they have a new coach who is defensive minded. They have Larry fitz at WR and that’s it… they have a worse o line than the giants.they don’t have a wr to stretch the field vs the giants have Odell Beckham in his prime,sterling shepard and evan engram emerging.while I believe Barkley has a similar skill set to Johnson and with pat shurmer as coach is a big boost

Most of that was true in 2016 and the Cards were a top 10 offense. They now have a better QB.

Are we sure the Giants OL is better? The Cards had a bunch of injuries on the line last year and the Giants were relatively healthy. They added a below average LT and a rookie, and all of the sudden we’re sure they have the better line? Forgive me if I’m skeptical.

As for Shurmur, take a look at the below. Are we sure he’s a huge upgrade? My point is, question the narrative

The rookie was rated 2nd best guard in the draft and in my opinion nate soldier is an above average left 2016 when they had a top 10 offense thier o line was much better and had John Brown at his peak with a good coach. You have made some good points and I believe thier o lines are close so I go with skill set and offensive weapons.And while Sam bradford is better he won’t stay healthy and I’m very hesitant to trust a rookie with the o line

John Brown caught 39 balls for 517 yards in 2015.

The line in 2016 was quite bad (largely due to injury). DJ still a monster.


Palmer was bottom half in 2016. Could the QB situation be worse? Sure, but it’s not like it was good in 2016.

DJ has finished a 16 game season once. Even then he got hurt in the 1st round. I believe that injury risk equals the unknown that is Barkley. I was all DJ when I asked this question, but now am siding with Barkley. I think DJ has a better year this year, but longterm i take Barkley.

i will say that DJs injuries have been mostly minor or things that shouldnt have reinjury risk. but im of the same mind, when you take into account your top pick, VS another top pick of the same position and skill level, ill take a little bit of that unknown over a guy who has had injuries every year of his career. its like choosing between fournette and hunt. do you take the unknown of hunt with pat mahomes at the helm with all that talent around him, or do you take the guy whos work load is secure, but has a re accruing foot injury? people will always argue between the 2 and sometimes the talent and opportunity wins out over the healthy guy. it all comes down to personal opinion of the situations. mine just happens to be the same. barkley by a nose because he has youth, health, and the workload.

He played in 16 games both of his first two years, gents. He did come out in week 17 of his 2nd year, but to color him as anything approaching injury prone is misleading at best.

that is not correct. he missed his first game of 2015 due to a hamstring. granted, he was fine at the time they say, but he was still burried on the depth chart at that time because of it. and it is still a minor injury. dont get me wrong again DFWB, im just nit picking because its a big choice. he has shown to get injuries throughout his career, even if they have been minor or a long one like last year that doesnt have a high injury risk. all that aside, this is a long term choice. the chances of DJ playing at an elite level for 5 years VS barkley are in barkleys favor. the risk is still there obviously because we havent seen him do it yet. but, this game is all about percentages and taking the best option according to those. in redraft im still taking DJ over barkley, this is just a long term choice.

Go look at the stats. He played 16 game. He left a game and might as well not have played, I believe :slight_smile:

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