Barkley or Kamara

I have the 5th pick in my re-draft league and I want to take a RB. Assuming the first 4 picks are Bell, Gurley, DJ, and Zeke would you guys take Kamara or Barkley?
Thanks guys!

Barkley. They are both great talents. Take the guaranteed volume.

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I’ll take Barkley you know he’s getting 20 carries per game. He’ll also get the dump off pass when Eli’s in trouble which will be all the time


I’ll take Antonio Brown. Thanks. But if you really want to pass on the WR1, then I would take Barkley, then Kamara.


Hard to argue with Brown, but I’d definitely take the RB (Barkley in particular). I just like the 2nd round WRs more than the 2nd round RBs.

I’d rather have Barkley and Allen than Brown and CMC, for example.

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Sure but you’re assuming that is your only viable drafting strategy. I’m flexible. I am more than happy to go zero RB and TBH, i’ve liked my drafts employing that strategy much more than ones where I pass up on value in the first 3 rounds to reach for RBs.

More than happy to open with AB, AJ Green + Hilton/Diggs for example. And yes, I frequently find myself being able to grab AJ green in the late second. Which is a no brainer. The disrespect shown to him has been astonishing.

I don’t think you’re giving up value, but if you’re lower on Barkley, I get it. I think a 300+ touch RB is about as valuable an asset as you can get, especially one with elite talent.

Imo, 0 RB is an extremely risky strategy. Can it work? Sure. The margin of error is just much less.

I’m actually not low on Barkley. I love the talent, like you I also believe he will have 300 touches. But end of the day, AB is AB. If Barkley is what we all think he is, sure he can produce, but to think that he doesn’t have risk involved with him is a bit too optimistic. At the end of the day, the man still hasn’t played a regular season game yet. With AB, I know exactly what I’m getting. WR1 at best, WR3 at worst if healthy. He is as stable as they come at the WR position and that holds as much value to me as a 300 touch RB.

I totally agree with you that 0 RB is a very risk strategy. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re totally effed. I like to trust in my ability to find values at the RB position, particularly with rookies as well as late round fliers. I am very comfortable taking that risk into the later rounds and my rosters constructed using zero RB have honestly blown my RB heavy early drafts out of the water. But like you said, margin of error is smaller so definitely not for everyone.

I would just say that this year in particular, when everyone is going goo goo for RBs, the value has been there every single time. I’ve left the first 4-5 rounds with plug and play starters. Couldn’t say the same when doing the traditional approach. Now, that’s not to say that if I’m sitting at 1.05 or 1.06 and one of the top 4 RBs falls to me I would pass them up, but just given how drafts have worked, I’ve found the best value at WR, not RB in the early rounds.

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Thanks for the feedback fellas! Much appreciated!
The only reason I’m leaning toward RB at 5 over Brown is not because I don’t like him or think he won’t produce, that’s silly talk. It’s simply personal preference. I went 0 RB last year and ended up with Odell, AJ Green, and T.Y. which at the time I thought I was a shoe in for the finals with guys like that. Not so, seeing as none of them really lived up to expectations. This year it feels like stud RBs are slim pickings after the first 2 rounds and there seems to be some solid options at WR in the middle to late rounds.

Well, dont think you can base your opinion of zero RB based on that draft. Odell got injurred, so obviously you got screwed. AJ green had his worst season ever cause of the worst o line ever. And he still put up 1k yards. That’s his floor. And Hilton, well we lost luck so obviously his production fell.

hind sight is 20/20. You could just as easily draft Barkley or Kamara and they could go down due to injury. Would that mean you failed in the draft? No. It’s very hard to come back from losing your 1st round pick to injury. That’s just a fact of life you’re going to have to live with.

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Barkley over Kamara at 5 but I would take AB over Kamara at the six spot. I like starting all of my drafts as double RB unless there is some kind of crazy WR value in the second round that I can’t pass on.

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Today I was thinking about just this scenario. If I were in this position, I’d take AB for sure. In my case, we start 3 WRs and just 2 RBs so that ups the value of WRs enough to make this a no-brainer for me.

But what I was really wondering is if AB was off the board and I was facing a choice of Kamara or Barkley which one would I take. And in a 3 WR league are there any WRs besides AB that you’d take over Kamara or Barkley?

No. OBJ/Nuk are the next ones up and I would probably take Saquon and Kamara over them both tbh.

strictly between the 2? barkley easy. volume, pass catching, smarts, integrity… he has it all. this is a common question and i have given my real answer many times so ill keep it short and sweet… if its me, im going gordon before barkley. top 5 talent, and he has shown us he can do it. add in better o line now that its healthy again (for now… damn chargers and their snake bitten ways) who has volume, can catch and has at an elite level getting above that FIFTEFIIIIIIVEEEE that is needed to be elite. top 7 the year before in 13 games. barkley has the toolset to be number 1 his rookie year. but so does gordon and his floor is crazy safe. but, if you have no interest in gordon… barkley… easy peasy.

Does anyone consider the O-line? Saints are #6 while NYG are like #26 on ProFootballFocus’s very meticulous O-line rankings.

Also, does the QB situation impact the RB?

Does the volume Saquon is expected to get make him more injury prone?

How valuable is Jonathan Stewart this year as a handcuff?

there is an oline worry that is needed. but between the 2, the volume that barkley will get completely blows that up to where you dont really need to consider it.

QB situation effects every position. but barkley improves the QB situation so its not all that worrysome. eli, for as much as a mouth breather as he is, is a competent QB no matter what anyone says. yes, he has had his bad moments but he isnt hot garbage. so im not worried.

of course, volume does mean more prone to injury. but again, im not worried about it unless there is a history there. bell gets more volume than anyone, but no one is worried about drafting him because everyone has a high chance of injury if you think about it. its football, its a dangerous sport. so i wouldnt worry about it with a young, and very rarely injured player.

thats an interesting question. the true answer, no one knows. if you believe in barkleys volume, then youre not worried. unless you think stewart eats into his valuable goal line carries. do they try to actually work barkley in more? is it a 60 40 split between the 2? the answer should be no. it should end up more like barkley 70-80% range, then stewart. but i have been surprised before by weird and boneheaded moves in the NFL.

All great responses and regarding Jonathan Stewart when I mean value I mean is he worth rostering considering he is being almost undrafted and he is extremely talented

sorry, i wasnt very clear on that part. my answer was kind of hidden. no, i dont think he is. in deep deep leagues yes, just because if barkley does go down, j Stew is up. but i dont expect stewart to get more than 20% snap count or at least much more than that. its just not worth it.

Honestly, I don’t put much faith in PFF OL rankings.

I actually am a little worried about drafting Bell. Not worried enough that I wouldn’t do it, but he’s probably 5 for me this year, and I would be nervous about it