Barkley or Kamara

Ofcourse all things equal, you want a better o-line. But for guys like Barkley and DJ who are elite pass catchers, they negate the bad O-line. Do you know what Cardinals Oline ranked the year he lit the league on fire and scored 20 TDs? Ranked 26/32. Guess what they rank this year? 27/32. I’m still taking all the shares of DJ I can get.

Having a good QB always helps open up the field but end of the day, because they don’t have a great QB, guys like Barkley and DJ are going to get 25-30 touches a game. That type of volume is not replaceable.

I don’t predict injuries and you shouldn’t either. You want guys with high volume. And barkley has no injury history so I wouldn’t worry about it. If you were worried about injuries, you wouldn’t draft Bell. But I’m still taking bell 1.01 in all ppr redrafts.

Don’t draft handcuffs. That’s for losers. Only draft handcuffs once you’re closer to playoffs and you just need to protect your starting roster. Especially handcuffs as useless as Jonathan stewart. If Barkley goes down, tbh, your season is probably over. Hard to recover from that. Handcuffing with JStew isn’t going to do a damn thing. Go draft other peoples handcuffs. So if they’re starters go down, you just won the lottery and lucked into another starting RB.

Scared money don’t make money. I’ll never shy away from a stud like that. Maybe he starts slow again this year but if Bell plays 16 games, he’s as safe as they come. Mortal lock for top 4, hard to find that level of consistency.

Why is that? I’m curious. I actually really like the way they do their rankings in terms fo watching guys win matchups. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to watch that must tape so have to rely on others. But their methodology makes complete sense to me. And for the most part, the rankings translated pretty well.

I should have been more clear. I don’t put muc faith in their preseason rankings. I’m very confident on their rankings once they have enough film from the season (5-6 games). The reason isn’t anything to do with them, it’s just the quality of OL play can swimg dramatically from year to year, even with the same personnel. Throw in guys moving teams and theoretical 'upgrades and I think for most teams it’s little more than guessing. If they’re up near the top year after year, and they dont have any serious personnel changes, you can probably feel pretty good about them (Dallas, for example), otherwise it’s very difficult I take it with a grain of salt.

I have the same issue with projecting strength of schedule based on defenses you’re playing.

Between those two I like Kamara as a player, but see more safety in Barkley for volume. Neither should be a bummer and they both have big upside, but the likely safer play would be Barkley IMHO.

As others note, if you open up to WR then there are many other options (well, a few).