BARKLEY or MAHOMES? 12th season as Commish, one Keeper, 12 man standard w/yardage and big play bonus' & 6 pts pass -3 INTs

I’m the commish, I have this offer on the table. Fielding Questions, need help here …

just straight up? barkley. all day every day. if there are round costs to them that might change the answer for me, and of this is 2QB or SFLEX. also, if you have already drafted. but even in a standard im taking the yardage and potential TD machine in barkley over a QB.


Can use some feedback Buster:

Definitely Barkley in a non-superflex league. No question about it.

Barkley finished w/322 points in the league last year, Mahomes finished w/525 points. Next closest QB was Ryan w/437.