Barkley or Melvin Gordon

Keeper league and I have first pick. Those are the best 2 available. Close to standard scoring. Any thoughts. I came in thinking Barkley easy, but someone dropped Gordon and now I’m confused

I’m on the Saquon side of this comparison.

One could argue it both ways, and those arguments are well rehearsed by now, but I think talent wins out and Saquon is a generational talent (and it pains me to say this about any giants player; I’ve been an Eagles fan since the early 70s; so if I’m saying it, you know it’s got at least a ring of truth to it).

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I’d much rather have Saquon

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What spot are you drafting in? 10 or 12 team? Ppr or standard? Barkley has a huge upside especially in keeper leagues. Gordon is very consistent, that giants Oline worries me but the huge upside and talent of Barkley is substantial.Personally for me I’d go Barkley for keeper and especially if you’re in a PPR. Love em both though.

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This debate has shown up again and again all year. I’ve been the one on the side of Barkley cause I think he will get a bigger workload than Gordon and is way more talented. But he is higher risk.

Gordon is the safer route.

In a PPR format, I’d be saying Barkley by quite a bit, in a standard, it’s a bit closer given Gordon TD upside but I’m still taking Barkley. I have them ranked like 3-4 spots apart in my rankings.

Went Barkley and the huge upside

I think they’re very close. I side with Barkley, slightly.