Barkley owner only has one Rb

In a league that has 2 RBs 2 WR and 3 flex.
Barkley owner only has 1 other RB.

My team:
Rbs: Cook, Chubb, Connor, Akers, Mattison, Harris
WR: Copper, Hollywood, Boyd, DJax, Davis, Pittman

His Wr: DHop, Diggs, Lamb, Parker, Samuel, Van Jefferson

Do I try getting DHop for Connor and A WR

He might just make the trade straight up since he has to be pretty desperate with only 1 RB. You could also go for Diggs, since he and Allen seem to have connected very well over the shortened off-season. You definitely have the upper hand so I’d start by giving him something a bit more in your favor and see what he comes back with.

You are going to have pay a lot to pry Nuke away from any owner right now. He is smashing it right now with Murray.

You might have to offer:

  1. Chubb/Hollywood for Hopkins
  2. Conner/Cooper for Hopkins

Something like that for Nuke.

I was also going to suggest a straight up trade for diggs (37+% market share + a ton of air yards) if the person doesn’t bite on the Nuk/Boyd offer. If approaching Nuk (definitely try), I do think Boyd is the way to go because DJax/Davis/Pittman isn’t enough. Boyd not only has the potential of breakout associated with his name, but is on a team with a QB that has the highest diversity of team market share (targets divided by team pass attempts). It can be maddening to keep a player like that on your roster, and he might have enough of a name to lure Nuk from a desperate RB needy owner. Good luck.

I ended up getting a deal done, I had to pay up a little, I’m wondering I get your guy’s opinion on the trade:

I got: DHop, and CeeDee Lamb
For: Connor, Cooper, Boyd, Henderson(Just picked up of waivers)

I feel like this was pretty fair both ways, what do you all think?

seems like you gave up ALOT. imo