Barkley, Reed, Watkins for Gronk, Freeman, and

Looking to bolster my team by moving Gronk. Would you move him in this package and is it a fair offer?

I Get: Saquon, Reed, Watkins
I Give: Gronk, Royce, any of Callaway/Tre’quan/KeelanCole

12 Team PPR

I think it’s fair. Whether I’d take it or not depends on the rest of your team.

My team is:
QB - Mahomes, Smith
RB - DJ, Collins, Crowell, Royce, Adams (PHI)
WR - Green, Kupp, Cole, Sutton, Tre’quan, Callaway
TE - Gronk

Man that’s tough, but I think I take it. But only if the receiver you’re sending is Tre’quan. The other two have more immediate potential.