Barkley, Robby Anderson for Sony, Lockett, Herndon

I have Barkley and he’s offering my Sony Michel, Tyler Lockett and Chris Hernden.

I really need a TE. My TE’s are Howard and Eifert.

My WR’s are Robert woods, Marvin Jones jr.

My RB’s are Chris Carson, Aaron Jones and Barkley.

Standard league. I’m 1-4

I definitely wouldn’t accept that trade… sony is very unreliable, Lockett wont put up numbers like barkley and Herndon hasn’t played at all yet this season…

Not a fan of this trade for you. You can get a much better TE when offering Barkley. Herndon is not a lock to be great. I personally don’t understand the hype train with him.

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I can’t see needing a TE as a reason to trade Barkley. Gronk is out of the league and even Kelce wouldn’t be worth a healthy Barkley. But you need some WR flexibility. Your other backs seem solid. If you’re willing to part with Barkley I’d look for a package with a top wideout and hit the waiver wire to stream a TE with a favorable matchup. Those 2 you’re holding on to arent helping. Ariens doesn’t use the TE and Eifert couldn’t get anything vs AZ, the worst team vs the TE position this year

Definitely not, Barkley is a beast. If youre losing him you should be getting a lot more than middling guys and a TE who hasnt done anything.

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