Barkley trade dynasty

Antonio Gibson and a first for Barkley? Anyone taking that?

I’m considering a similar trade in a 0.5PPR 12-Team Dynasty league. Do we stash Barkley on IR or do we chalk him up to the has-been injury prone label, along the lines of Gurley(who I also have lol), and trade him away for youth and picks in hopes of saving our season and building back up for future. With that said… here’s the offer I received for Saquon. Antonio Gibson, Myles Gaskin, & a 2021 1st rounder for Barkley. He also offered a 2nd rounder instead of Gaskin but so far I like the idea of gaskin better than a 2nd. But I’ve been really high on Gibson leading up to this turn of events so… Maybe that’s the answer.
Let me know what you ended up doing.

I accepted my trade. See if you can’t have them add someone in with Gibson or another draft pick… jus Incase Gibson doesn’t pan out

I was offered Gibson first and devante freeman

I came to the forum boards because I am debating on what to do with Saquon, as well. I definitely am in win-now mode but don’t want to discount him too much. Let me know what you decide on!

I ended up taking the deal. Gibson, freeman and a first

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