Barkley Trade Opportunity

I have an opportunity to aquire Saqoun Barkley and Kerryon Johnson in a trade. I could give up Gurley and McClauren or Mark Ingram and McClauren to do so. Might be able to swap McClauren for Ridley. What do you guys think? The last wrinkle is that I play the guy this week and I would be giving him a valuable asset in our matchup if I went with Mark Ingram. Thoughts and comments are wanted!!

If you can somehow pull that off for mclaurin and Ingram you do that without any hesitation. I can’t believe the Saquon kerryon owner would ever do either trade. Unreal.

No concern about losing the matchup this week? I’m 2-2. He currently would have to roll out Peyton Barber with Mack. If we made the deal I’d have Gurley/Samuels or Darrell Williams if Damien somehow missed again. Looks like he’ll be back though.

Ended up moving Ingram, McClauren and Golden Tate for Barkley, Kerryon and Beef Brisket.

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Yeah you won the trade there

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