Barkley trade ? Panic

I might come off panicking or jumping the gun here , but after watching that game tonight that giants o line is so bad and they have a horrific schedule all year against good d lines the question is would you trade Barkley and Diggs for zek and green ?

Do you have that offer on the table? I would be surprised if the “zek and green” manager accepted.

Also, this is a lateral trade. Personally I do not tend to make trades like this.

IMHO, I would not press the panic button on Barkely, yet. He played one of the best defenses in the entire league and he has played behind a suspect O line his entire career. Barkley had a few plays of why he is the 1.02 pick, but again the Steelers D (along with Baltimore) will be the hardest D’s to score against. I would give it another week or 2 before to pull out the parachute.