Barkley Trade thoughts

Hey all. Was offered this trade by a Saquon Barkley owner and wanted some thoughts.

I’d give away Thielen and Miles Sanders and Is receive Barkley and Jarvis Landry

My team is
QB- Cam and Rivers
RB- McCaffrey, Damien Williams and McCoy f/ KC, Chris Thompson, K. Drake, Sanders
WR - Kupp, Thielen, Desean Jackson, and R. Anderson
TE - Walker

Not enough WR depth to do this trade or Barkley’s upside is too high to pass up

What’s record and is this ppr?

Drop cam and pick up a wr maybe Shepard is still available.

Saquon would be big for playoffs.

2-1 record .5 PPR

Best WR is Dorsett on Waiver Wire

This is a smash accept. Hit the waivers for WRs.

CMC will carry you until Barkley comes back.

Having CMC and Barkley on the same team for playoff push is too good to pass up.

Also sanders/Thielen are great sell highs right now.


Would u offer the Barkley owner Carson Watkins and Andrews for Engram and Barkley

Other RBs are Chubb Sanders and Fournette
WRs are Hopkins Diggs Gordon MeCole and McLaurin @MikeMeUpp

You could offer it but not sure why someone would accept. Could start it off and see what he says though.

Carson literally playing himself out of a job.

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What if I swapped Carson with Fournette? Or would u stick to what u have? @MikeMeUpp

Also his only RBs are Jacobs and R. Freeman

If you can get barkley for cheap, go for it. But also depends on position of your team. Can you afford t not have Barkley for 8 weeks (basically until playoffs). Judging by your team, you might have the depth there to do it.

I would def rather give up Sanders or Carson than Fournette. As bad as Fournette is, he is still getting all of the volume.

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That’s the hard part idk if I could wait that long
I’ve been offered Connor Freeman And Oj Howard for Andrews and Chubb I’m probably gonna decline that cuz those RBs are ehh it would just give me depth and I’d lose my best RB @MikeMeUpp

That’s a pass I think. Andrews and Chubb is who I’d rather have for now.

As someone who lost Barkley but has Waller, would you do Kittle+Thielen for lev bell?

Rest of WRs would include woods, Kirk, Moore, Hollywood
RBs Jones, mostert, mattinson