Barkley trade?

Would you trade the 1.01 (Barkley) for the 1.02 and the 1.07 In a dynasty league?

In theory I would probably say yes but definitely not this year. I think Barkley is head and shoulders above everyone else in this class.

Moving Saquan Barkley jus doesn’t sound fair.

No, no, no.

That is an awful trade and totally lobsided. Take barkley and laugh to the stables. You can easily get minimum, 3-4x 1st round picks for him.

I agree, I’m theory and in most years I think it’s a fair move, but if Barkley is what we think he is, he will be FAR better than the two picks you would be getting anyways, and only taking up 1 roster spot while he is at it

I don’t hate it. I think Guice is a legit stud too.

Think of it in terms of players rather than draft picks. Would you trade Barkley for Guice and either Ronald Jones or Royce Freeman?