Barkley Trades?

What are other Barkley owners doing? Is trading him a good move and what kind of value does he hold?

I’m wondering the same thing. I’m curious to find out what other owners are doing and what value they are getting.

I have Saquon. Guy picked Gallman up on waiver and immediately trying to trade him to me for Mike Evans. Not doing it.

I need another RB so I’m about to see if he’ll deal Phillip Lindsay or Fournette for Saquon. He can have the saquon/Gallman combo.

Are you in a redraft/keeper/dynasty?

Same situation. I am scrambling for a RB. 12 man league, Full PPR who would you rather have rest of season for a trade McCoy, White, or C. Thompson?

as someone who is 3-0 I’m targeting barkley. was able to pick up gallman, but a lot of people aren’t high on him. thinking of offering gallman + WR piece like diggs or montgomery straight up. I know it’s team dependent, but which structure has more appeal to you?