Barner Question

Do I pick up barner if I’m the Sony owner? I’d have to drop Breida.

He’s a free agent and I’m looking ahead to week 9 where both my starting RB are out (not including an injured Michel). NE plays Buffalo week 9

EDIT: Another option I’m considering is signing Mostert who plays Oakland in week 9…

I can’t drop Breida esp if Mostert is available too. White can handle most of what Michel is not around for. Idk what the extent of his injury is though so if it’s a question of ROS or not until playoffs return, conservative choice is Barner. you just might not get much of anything compared to Breida + mostert. Who have nothing to contend with in their WR counterparts compared to Brady and his arsenal. Pats prob want Blount or Ridley back too. I can see that happening considering they are value less

I can sign Mostert who plays Oakland next week

Would love that, as an admitted gamble, vs Barner. Bc I think it’ll be a ROS thing between he and Breida. With a good. ROS schedule too, and a rougher one for Barner. Barner isn’t the handcuff to Michel imo. Maybe like 50% of one. I’d rather do the SF thing esp vs AZ thisnwwwk and Oakland next. That should be fun

I’m looking more for a week 9 big play to fill the void.

Next week I have both Mixon and Mack on bye, and Michel injured. I’d have to play my depth (Chubb and Cohen, or plug and pray Breida).

I’m playing the Thielen, McCaffrey, Julio owner.