Basically Tyreke or Gordon?

Had Kamara with 5, and played against Thomas with 31. Need to start 3 of these
Tyreke Hill
Aj green
Keenan Allen
Josh Gordon.
Also deciding between garopolo or Big Ben

Hill and Gordon probably have similar upside, but I think Gordon has a much higher floor - he’s almost guaranteed targets - Smith could spread it around, they could go with Hunt - too many variables for Hill.

AJ, Keenan, and Gordon.

Big Ben for your QB. I’m deciding between Goff and Ben, if it was Garopolo I wouldn’t hesitate with Ben.

AJ Green
K Allen
T Hill
B Rothlesberger

Green has a nice matchup, Allen is super-hot right now and cant see anyone on the Raiders that can handle Hill.

Gordon over Hill easily. Hill makes livings off of big plays whereas Gordon will be the number 1 target