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Battle of the Flexes


Already played Lindsay, and have Hopkins & Boyd as my 2 WRs this week. Looking to get opinions on who I should play at RB2 and flex.

Choices: Clement, Breida, Chubb, Kerryon, Ito, Howard, Baldwin

I’m leaning Clement and Breida, but Kerryon might be set up for a big game and Chubb is a wild card. Thoughts?



If Breida is 100%, could consider him but if not, I’d lean towards Kerryon and Chubb.


So are you thinking Kerryon as the definite, with toss up between Breida (if healthy) and Chubb? Clement on the outside looking in?


Yah that’s just my opinion though. They’re all pretty close.

I like Kerryon mainly this week cause riddick is out and I like what he can do in the pass game.


Thanks for the feedback!