Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

Anybody watching the Chiefs game?

I mean, Mahomes was pretty good BEFORE they went out and built an iron wall around his pocket in the offseason…

After 2 series against the Vikings tonight (with 3 min to go in the 1st Q), Mahomes is 8 of 9 for 117 yards and 2 TDs.

(If you’re not strong at math, that’s on pace for 585 yards and 10 TDs per game. Over a 17 game season, that’s almost 10,000 yards and 170 TDs, with 0 INTs. Probly a good value at ADP.)

Passer rating 158.3. The incompletion? He threw it 20 yards out the back of the end zone to kill the play.

Jerick McKinnon has 3 runs for 16 yards with the starters, so the line isn’t only good at pass protection.

This is just unfair.

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I’ll smash the under.

Worth picking up McKinnon or Williams yet since CEH still out?

They listed Williams second on depth earlier, but I think I’d take a chance on mckinnon if I was to take either. But unless it’s really deep leagues I’m leaving both for the moment.

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I second that emotion, and I don’t think CEH is gonna be the tip-top back he’s being drafted as. McKinnon fits this offense REAL WELL, so he’s going to be more of an annoyance than CEH owners want to admit to themselves. I don’t know if being a thorn in CEH owners’ sides is enough to make McKinnon fantasy-relevant on his own, but yeah, he’s the only one that has any chance of standalone value without CEH being injured.

McKinnon seeing more than 5-7 touches a game would be shock even if CEH is a little slow to begin with.

I would guess that’s probly gonna be about right. And 3-5 of them will probly be receptions. So at his career averages of 4 yards per rush and 7 yards per reception, that’s about 4 receptions and 40 scrimmage yards, or 8 PPR points per game that he’ll take out of CEH’s pocket (not counting any TDs he might score). 8 points per week was the difference between Derrick Henry and J.D. McKissic last season. Just sayin’…

I don’t think 5-7 touches will come out of CEH’s bucket. I believe that his catches will probably come from Hardman’s bucket. The RBs will be the 3rd target after Kelce & Hill.

Do you see Hardman lining up at RB a lot? Because that’s where McKinnon will be lining up. So any touches he steals would be from the bucket of the player who would otherwise be lining up at RB–presumably CEH.

No I don’t think Hardman is lineup at RB. What I see is LeVeon Bell and Darwin Thompson’s combined 112 touches going to McKinnon.

When I say Touches coming out of Hardman’s bucket is because I don’t see him or any of the other WRs behind him really increasing and if McKinnon is seeing 4 targets a game it because the WRs aren’t seeing an increase. Does that make more sense.

The guy who will be taking touches out of Hardman’s (and Robinson’s) bucket(s) will be Byron Pringle, when the chips are down. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)