Be smart or take a shot?

Trying to decide what the best move is.

Here is my current starting line:

  • WRs: Juju, Terry McLaurin and Tyler Lockett
  • RBs: Alvin Kamara and Aaron Jones
  • TE: Waller
  • Flex: Nick Chubb

My bench:

  • Diontae Johnson
  • Joshia Kelly
  • Ceedee Lamb
  • Desean Jackson
  • Antonio Gibson

I’m half considering benching Nick Chubb because the Washington D line is strong and starting Joshua Kelly or Ceedee Lamb in his place.

Also considering benching Juju for Diontae Johnson.

Should I keep the line as is or take a shot on positive matchups?

Personally I would keep Chubb in the lineup! But if I were going to pivot though, I would do Joshua Kelley for sure.

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^^ agree. Why bench JuJu for Diontae?