Bears Backfield ROS - 1/2 PPR

Is Howard near droppable? Will Cohen’s touches and usage continue ROS or will he fade?

As I howard owner, I have no idea and I wish I knew! Howard was my second round pick so I can’t just drop him. But it’s clear that he doesn’t fit Nagy’s system and that’s disappointing because he’s so talented. Yesterday was a weird game because it went to OT and that fumble at the goal line didn’t help. But I have no choice but to hold ROS. I’m not trading him because I’d be at a disadvantage in the trade due to his sup par performance. I have no idea what the best thing to do is but I’m OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I would not drop Howard. He still gets around 15 touches. Just hold on to him, believe he will still have some big games. Trading him now would get you pennies on the dollar in return

Yes, dropping Howard is a hyperbolic, but how much value to Cohen have ROS based on what’s been happening that last 2 games? Not enough of a sample size?


Flex Howard or Cohen next week against the Patriots?

Patriots alone I would have to lean Cohen, given his involvement in the passing game. I think both are still start worthy, but Howard now down in the lower RB2 category vs. the fringe RB1 some, including me, thought he could be this year

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I think both are fine starts. bears are playing at home which is a huge deal. If it was at gilette, I’d be more worried. Frankly, patriots D have not stopped a running back all year. Just generally poor tackling across the entire defense which is frustrating to watch as a pats fan.

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Thanks, sounds like a plan. Temper expectations ROS for Howard to be RB2 with upside, and Cohen seems like a sneaky start in the flex.

I would say temper expectations with Howard as a low end RB2 with mid-high RB2 upside. I don’t think he has the low end RB1 upside that many of us had thought prior to the season.

And yeah, Cohen could be a decent flex play in any week. I still don’t really know what to make of him though. part of the reason why I don’t really like relying on scat back specialists cause very few have a secure/stable role with fantasy production week to week.

Exactly. Cohen was productive early in the year last year, and then faded away mid year and did nothing.