Bears defence worth a stash?

I have a trade offer for bears defence in return for K Golladay. My defence is chargers and My receivers are K Allen, TY Hilton, B Cooks, C Kupp and Keenan Cole. Is the bears defence worth the stash? Full ppr league. Thank you

If someone is giving you Golladay who is a WR2/3 for a defense, yes you take that trade lol. Stream the defense.

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I think I would do this trade as the Bears are rated highly in my eyes and they are facing Arizona Cardinals that got shut out by the Rams last week…

However… I’m not sure about full ppr league as I’ve only played in 0.5 ppr…

You’re saying you would be trading Golladay to get the Bears D? No way, terrible idea

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You do not give away weekly starter skilled positions for defense. Unless you’re team is somehow so stacked that Kenny Golladay doesn’t even make your starting roster.

it makes no sense.