Bears DST as a sit?! Is anyone buying this

Read an article on the main footballers page today to sit the bears DST… how does everyone feel about that because I’m pretty conflicted tbh lol

My other start option are the Titans at home.

Why are they sitting them?

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This doesn’t make any sense. Bears should still be trying through this week at minimum. They’re 1 game back from getting a bye.

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Because SF hasn’t given a top 10 DST performance for a few weeks and because the bears will likely rest their starters in a west coast game

I will be rolling them out there in my championship game as they definitely helped me (and probably many others) get here.

They’ve carried me all season as well

CHI has already clinched their DIVISION. So…they’re in regardless. So…I can actually see this. THEY’RE IN…so why would they risk injury to some of their toughest players??? Hence, I can’t see them putting Mack and a couple of others in harm’s way at this point. IDK…could be wrong, but just offering MHO. :thinking:

Of course what @arshagarbon said makes a lot of sense too…

So…I could be wrong here. WOW…tough decision!!!

I would not sit the Beats DST. I almost sat them against the Rams and I would of felt stupid to sit 20 points on the bench. I believe they are the number one fanasty scoring defense and I wouldn’t want to get cute an d overthink it. Thats only my opinion though

It does make sense because you have a team headed to a different time zone on the West Coast, but let’s be real the Bears defense road you to the championship don’t be cute with it stick with the Da Bears.

Well for my sake, I hope this is right and they do sit their starters since I am playing against Bears D in championship. I don’t buy it though.

Sure hoping you’re right though.

I saw that article too and it made me think a little bit…the Bears are obviously a great play every week, but if I had to choose between the Bears on the road against the 49ers who most recently put up 20 points against Denver, then 26 against the Seahawks; and the Titans at home against an awful Redskins offense, I would seriously consider it.
The Bears will likely be missing Eddie Jackson too (something the article doesn’t mention) and Shanahan will likely be getting creative at home with the Bears coming to town.
My DST decision this week is between the Bears, Vikings, and Titans; I think I am leaning Titans at home for biggest upside and their offense running the ball a lot and controlling the clock I.e. not giving the opposing offense as much time on the field (same logic for the Vikings with the new OC)…I played the Bears (8pts) last week with the Vikings (13pts) on my bench.
So depending on your options…you could sit the Bears this week, if you’re feeling brave, but that’s just my opinion…


I did not know that Eddie Jackson was out… I like that the titans are fighting for their lives and at home, but the bears have carried me all season

Big decisions to make

Don’t bench bears D

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Both will be great plays this week…play whichever one feels right to you…that way, win or lose, you can live with your decision. I just wanted to share my opinion after doing a double take on that article that said to bench the Bears D.

Im playing Bears over Titans this week, but also think the Titans are a good play. I may pick them up as a block.