Bears DST or take a zero/minus?

Have the Bears D all season, kept them thru the bye. Do I play them against the Patriots this week and risk a minus score, or play no DST and take a zero?
Have no space to drop anybody really so it’s Bears or a zero

I’m rolling with the bears. Hoping Mack plays and get a sack of two.

You gotta roll with the bears then. It is far more likely that they get you at least one point than it is they get negative. Brady is not mobile so Mack should at least get a sack or two on him.


I would play the Bears over nothing, I think at worse they at least get 3 pts

The Lions defense got double digit points agasint the patriots, anything is possible

Hell yeah roll em out. They’re at home and pissed off about last week. Mack’s gonna try to rip Brady’s head off. I don’t see negative points being a necessary concern.

I’m streaming the Chargers will benching the Bears this week then looking forward to the two following weeks.

I dropped the ravens def to pick up the chargers, prob a mistake but Brees Kamara Ingram Thomas, is too much of a risk

I bet the patriots will take Mack out of the game the way they usually do with Watt but you always have to play your defense. It’s absolutely possible they get negative (they got negative against BROCK OSWEILER last week) but if they somehow grab like 4 or 5 points it’s worth risking them getting -1 or 2

Khalil Mack may be out this week

Lol fair point on negative points vs. Brock. Those little dump offs to Wilson where he just took it straight to the house were honestly hard to watch. I was feeling personally embarrassed for the Bears. So yes, you’re right negatives are possible, but as you said, not to such an extent that you’d want to just sit a good defense in fear of losing 1 or 2 points. If that’s what OP plans to do, may as well add a diff DEF to play but make sure you hold the Bears.

I am in a similar predicament and this week due to byes I have to start Josh Gordon…

For me to get points i have to lose points off my defense and i really hate being in that situation.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll prob take a chance and play them as I can’t drop anyone of my bench, they’d be snapped up by smart league mates, I just worry Brady giving me a - 8 point score by putting up 350yards passing and 4 TDs or some shit.
At least this game is in Chicago at normal temperatures, not crazy heat like last week in Miami.

Adjust your lineup with upside players. They won’t put up big points - if any - this week but the following two weeks they will be huge producers.

Wentz, Barkley, Hunt, Diggs, M Jones, Njoku, Godwin, Bailey, Bears. That’s my current start in Standard.
Bench is: Baker, Breida, Hyde, A Jones, Thompson, Baldwin, Sanu.

Not sure I can force anymore points out of my lineup. Maybe swap Godwin flex for Breida but that’s it.

You need to trade some flex depth for a better QB situation.

Huh? Bakers coming schedule is easy and Wentz is getting back to what he was last year. I think QB is fine?
I’m worried about my WR lacking!

Forgive me if I’m answering the wrong q, but if you’re dropping someone to add a better DEF matchup, I’d be comfortable dropping Baker to do that. And agree with the above you can do a lot of trading with the unused quality pieces you have.

Yeah you could use one more solid WR. Not sure either Wentz or Mayfield will finish in the top 10 this season. This year has changed my thinking on the QB position. It is getting critical to have a top 6 or 7 QB it seems.

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Your depth is cray. Put Breida with a couple WR’s and get JuJu or even better. And then do that again lol I think you have enough to.