Bears DST vs GB or Jaguars DST vs WAS?

Both defenses at home.

Bears have been the best DST this year and are going to want to murder Rodgers. But, it’s Rodgers.

WAS doesn’t have much of an offense at this point and the Jags SHOULD feast, but it’s hard for me to trust them after watching them give up on the TEN game last week.

Jags D at home is the play. I know they got beat up last week, but you better believe Washington with a QB that hasn’t played in years on the road is not gonna do much against the Jags at home.


As an Aaron Jones and Davante Adams owner, this is a bad week, but I have to agree with Pmanningthegoat. Washington is hurting bad, and on the road won’t make things any easier.

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I played the Bills (vs Jets) over the Bears (vs Rams) this week and have decided that I will not remove the Bears from my starting lineup for any inconsistent streamer for the rest of the playoffs.

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Yeah I pretty much feel the same way. It’s hard to bench the Bears at this point after how they’ve done all season, especially after last week’s performance.