Bears DST!

So thankfully playing denver d over chicago wasnt my undoing, but anybody else now excited to play them against the packers next week

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Yeah…the guy in our League that has the BEARS went down this week. So he’s done!!! :joy:

I made it through to the next round…so THANK God I don’t have that to contend with. LOL

I have DEN as well. AND BUF. Played BUF this week, but fortunately it didn’t screw me.

Not sure what I’m gonna do next week. Just breathing a sigh of relief to have gotten this week!!! LOL

Yeah Denver vs Cleveland should be a bit more as expected, Kittle did way more good than harm for my squad this week.

If i am you I play buffalo d if no kerryon.
if kerryon is back i lean denver

Thank you bunches @mattymc29. At this point in the “game” every second, 3rd and 25th thought helps!!!

Great food for thought buddy. Appreciate it tons!!! :+1:

I was always planning to play them vs the packers. Its not about scores but about how many sacks you can get. ANd given GB’s pretty trashy O-line and rodgers tendency this year to not get rid of the ball, the sacks were always going to be there providing a solid floor. I must admit I regret benching them this week. But playing them vs packers at home was always a fine play.

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