Bears or Bills DST?

Bears are obviously a juggernaut. My only worry is that Rodgers doesn’t turn the ball over. 2 interceptions all season long, and none since week 4. I know they’ll get some sacks, but I also have the Bills DST…

Stafford is banged up, the Lions stink and have some offensive injuries (Marvin Jones, Rick Wagner, Kerryon, Bruce Ellington). Bills aren’t loaded the way the Bears are, but I could definitely see some turnovers from Stafford along with a handful of sacks.

I’m projected to lose by 12, What do you think?

Definitely a tough one and I’m keen to see what others say. The problem with the Bills is that Allen can turn the ball over in a bad spot.

At this time I have the Bills in though - I think Philbin gives the reigns to Rodgers with the playcalling ala Manning today.

I’m playing the Bears over the Vikings this week. I don’t think you can bench the Bears right now…