I lost my last post information somehow so I’m asking again. Its a good problem to have so here it is.
Beckham @ Philly
Hopkins vs Ten
Adams @ Min.
Gotta sit one of them. Who gets left out this week?
I’m in second place @ 9-2. 1st place guy is also 9-2 and is ahead by just 9.7 points. Id sure like to knock him off his perch for a week so whos the best play here. Standard league.

Phillys secondary is DEPLETED, theres malcolm jenkins back there and thats it. they are on their like 4th 5th 6th options at corner. gotta start obj even if eli is back there. OBJ should have a monster day. Hopkins vs adams is tougher. you cant go wrong either way. both are wr1s. titans defense isnt the best but they play fast, and they play physical, i dont think watson is going to have a whole lot of time to go through reads hopkins should get a ton of catches, i just dont know if he will get the deep ball, he should be the primary target most of the day though. Davante has proved me wrong this entire year. i thought he was going to be a bust and he just keeps balling out. Matchup wise, i would go with hopkins over adams, but gut wise go with adams, vikings packers should be a shoot out especially because winner has a chance to catch the bears, loser not so much.


Who are your RBs cause you should be able to flex the 3rd guy

Unfortunately I do have to sit one of them. Just gotta decide which one. I have Adams on my bench now and that hard to sit someone that has Rogers throwing to him.