Beckham and Michel for M. Thomas

I get offered Michel and OBJ for Michael Thomas and are very inclined to take it.

My WRs are: Thomas, Golladay, Kupp, Davis and Cole
My RBs are: Elliott, Howard, Thompson, Lynch, Lewis

I feel that Beckham is more volatile given the whacky offense. But Michel has potential to fill that RB2 spot given Howard gave me a scare in week 4. Plus if Howard performs i might be able to do other trades with him.

Also next week both thomas and golladay are on a bye.

Whats your guys thoughts?


Tough call given you’re actually pretty deep at RB.

I’d still take the trade. OBJ is still getting peppered with targets and snapped his TDless streak. Actually should’ve had 3 TDs but he dropped one after the defender made a pretty good play.

In my eyes, OBJ is my WR3 after AB and MT. Wouldn’t argue with people that put Nuk ahead of him but that’s about it. So in this trade, you’re almost getting Michel for free. And anyone who reads my posts knows how much I love Michel.

I like this trade for you a lot cause you gain an every week starting AB barely giving anything up. Not to mention with Ingram back, Saints may revert back to a more run heavy game which slightly impacts MT’s upside but I’m still personally having MT as my WR1/2 ROS.

I’d take the trade. I took OBJ number 6 overall ahead of Thomas and Hopkins. The targets are there, and I think he’s on the way up now. Thomas will be hard to predict with Ingram back. That backfield worked really well for NO last year and can see them reverting back to it, leading to a drop in MTs targets.