Beckham&Crabtree for Julio&Cooper trade

.5ppr redraft league. Thinking of offering the Beckham side. Good or bad plan?

Other WRs are R. Anderson, s. Shepard, S. watkins, and K. Stills

Thanks everyone

bad plan. Beckham and Crabtree have higher floors and ceilings.

Beckham is miles ahead of Julio and I don’t think the difference between Cooper and Crabtree make it up. Also makes me feel good because in my dynasty I have all 4 of them haha

Bank on Beckham. Huge rebound year in 2018.

Sounds good, thanks for the advice everyone

He’s ahead. I don’t think he’s necessarily miles ahead of JJ in a redraft. In a dynasty sure it’s not even close. But I mean JJ put up 1400+ yards last year and was a “down” year. In a redraft, I think it’s closer than people think.

I still like the OBJ/Crabtree side of this trade though. Amari pooper is always a nightmare to try and play in the line up.