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Beckham for Bryant?


A Leaguemate just offered me Odell Beckham for my Dez Bryant. I’m very tempted to accept but I’m a little wary about Eli and that terrible Giants O-Line. What are your thoughts?


I have OBJ right now. I’m very nervous about what he and Eli can make happen with that o-line. But Dez has a really tough schedule upcoming for like 7 out of the next 10 weeks. The upside of OBJ is undoubtedly higher than that of Dez. It’s a tough call… I’m flirting with the idea of trading away OBJ as well.


Yeah it’s definitely a dicey situation. As it stands right now, would you rather have Dez or OBJ RoS? Like if someone offered you Dez for OBJ straight up, would you take it?


I personally would take Odell mainly because of that amazing talent and I think the Giants will figure things out and come back into relevancy. Not super sold on Dez Bryant this year but I do think he will perform better than many are expecting him to. That said, can’t turn down Odell if I am doing Dez - Odell straight up.


Personally, I think I’d have to lean “no” on that one simply because the OBJ owner is selling him basically at his floor. He didn’t play Week 1 and - although he played week 2, he was less than 100% and working against a very good corner in Slay. The Giants also figure to be playing from behind pretty often this season, which should result in some very positive game scripts for Odell once he’s back to full health. As the OBJ owner, I wouldn’t do it. As the Dez owner, I think I would make that trade AS LONG AS you have some good depth behind Dez just in case the Giants never figure their s*** out.


Other WRs are AB, Crabtree, Tyreek Hill and Sanders.


Dang with that kind of WR depth, I am jumping for Odell.


100000% agree! Do itttt.


I would take Odell 100% of the time.


Alright thank you everyone for all the advice I’m gonna take that trade for sure now. One more quick question: Alshon Jeffery for Devante Parker straight up?


OBJ and don’t even think about it