Beckham for Fournette?

Just like the title says is that a good trade? I have hunt gore and Crowell as my RBS
My WR are Odell Tate thieland and Parker

I wouldn’t.

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If I were you I’d hold onto your studs Odell and Hunt and try to make a move for RB2 with some of your other pieces. Crowell is becoming close to droppable and the Indy offense is tough to trust. Try to make a 2 player package out of Thelien, Gore, Parker, or Crowell for a solid RB2 like a Gillislee, Abdullah, Martin

I traded Henry and thieland for Doug and maclin, fair trade or who got the better end

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I think thatis a pretty fair trade. If anybody won, I believe you did. Hoping at SOME point, ravens pass attack will get somewhere. And I think Doug looked really good his return, no matter how back defense he was playing.

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Like that a lot for you