Beckham helpp

ick a side:
Beckham and Damien williams
Thelien Dalvin and DJ moore

My other WR: cooks, Hilton, Boyd Sutton Metcalf
My other RB: Gordon white Peterson ekler
.5 PpR
I’d be getting Beckham

I’m high on Beckham (and very not high on Williams) but it’s the Thielen/Cook/Moore side and it’s not close. Don’t do it.

Thielen side

OBJ most likely will be better than Thielen and I typically like getting the best player in the deal. However, I don’t think D Williams does anything beyond this year (maybe only 1st half of this year). I own him and am trying to trade. Meanwhile, Cook should be a low end RB1 with top end upside as long as he is healthy and DJ Moore is a young good WR and #1 or 2 target for Cam.

If I were you, because you have a good WR core, I would look to trade D Williams for 2 RB 2s. Something like Williams for D Freeman and K Drake. You could use the depth and guys like that will produce nicely

Thielen side by a decent margin…

Beckham> Thielen but close Wr 5-10 vs wr 7-14 projected

Dalvin> Damian Williams this is a decent gap…Williams hasn’t done it a full season/not new to the scene we’ve seen his skills set/ could be waiver fodder come next year…only knock on cook is injuries

Dj moore added who could make the leap this year and be as good as Thielen.

trade out cook for white i’d see the value more.

I disagree. I like the OBJ offer. You bolster your WR corps with a true WR1 and replace Cook in Minnesota with Damien Williams, another true RB2, in an incredible offense in KC. Don’t forget you can only start a select number of players. You get the best overall player involved in the deal. Oh, and an open roster spot.

Beckham side for me. Value wise, it’s pretty close but stacking Thielen and Cook is capping the upside on your own team.

And if you’re competing, I’m all for getting williams shares this season. People disrespecting him a bit too much. After looking into things a bit more, the reason he went undrafted was cause he’s an idiot with off the field issues. Given his athletic profile, was actually a good chance he would’ve been a day 2 pick. ANd now he’s proven to a degree he can cut it in the NFL. He could be that next gem who is the product of a good system. He definitely has the size and athletic profile to thrive in a reid / mahomes offense.

I just gave up Corey Davis + 2021 2nd for Williams on a team which I am all in on win now mode for next 1-2 years. And I’m actually still a Corey Davis believer so vale him higher than most. I overpaid a bit but fine with it if it helps me push towards chip this season.

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I like the Beckham side as well. You have an elite running back in Gordon already. Williams and Cook are not projected to be that far off and you would be acquiring one of the best wide outs in the game.

Freeman is going before Williams in startup drafts

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This happened in a startup i’m in. I traded up and go williams right after. I was absolutely floored/shocked. Was super happy about it though.

I’d take Freeman before Williams in a start-up dynasty. Freeman is only 27, in a great offense, and is signed to a big contract with Atlanta. Williams could be great this year but his long-term role is a question mark right now

“Only 27”? Thats dinosaur in RB years. He’s way past his prime and is one concussion away from being out of the league. Williams has a better shot of being relevant than Freeman does. Reid and coaches have come out again and again and said Williams is their guy. Freeman is one hit away from not remembering his own name. Taking Freeman over Williams would be a mistake. Williams also 27 but doesn’t have the same wear on his body. Freeman used to be a stud. He sacrificed his health to get you those points. People still trying to hang on to that upside are in for a world of hurt.

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