Beckham Mixon for Gordon and Robinson

12 team non ppr very deep benches. Would you give up Melvin Gordon and Allen Robinson to get Joe Mixon and Odell Beckham? I’m leaning yes but I’m 1 and 2 an want to make sure I’m not tilting. Thanks for the advice and opinions

Any opinion would help and be appreciated

short answer without knowing anything would be leaning the side of Mixon and Beck. Clearly for the value. Those 2 are worth more together. But I myself would have a hard time giving up melvin gordon. Esp if you are going to replace him with mixon in your line-up.

I know how folks are high on mixon this year but I do not think he gets close to what gordon is going to put up. only reason those 2 are worth more is because of Odell. I also think there is still some risk with mixon getting fully back to 100%

did you ask this twice?

I did. Didn’t think the first one posted