Beckham v hill trade help

I have Beckham and the guy offered me hill and Carson Wentz for Beckham and Jimmy G it’s .5 PpR which side would you want?

I’d stand pat. Stick with Beckham

id stay with OBJ and jimmy

I think this decision comes down to roster structure and whether or not you’re willing to deal with the boom or bust of Hill. If Jimmy G is your starting QB id make the trade, but I also like Wentz this year

My other QBs are Lamar Jackson and big Ben, Lamar would probably start most games over jimmy

Do you have a WR that can support the bust weeks of Hill ?

I made the trade I have thelien, b cooks and Boyd so I’d like to get some better boom

OBJ and Hill are in same tier for me. So this is a pretty lateral move. Probably staying pat.