Been flooded with trade offers

My current roster in a 10 team half ppr, double flex is:
Lamar, Najee, Gaskin, Mike Evans, Davante, Gronk, Edmonds, Ceedee and on the bench of note is: AB, Trey Lance, Jonnu

Two trades have been offered to me:
1 - Gronk and Gaskin for Kittle (I think i’d offer Edmonds instead of gaskin)

2 - Evans and Rojo for CEH

Would you accept either, both or none? And any reasoning would be amazing cheers guys.

Any thoughts on either. Bump


Gronk been such TD machine. Do you really want Kittle enough to give away an at least reliable TE and a great flex option?

The CEH, man that dude, should be a huge upgrade over RoJo but Evan is a high ceiling loss. Maybe CEH has a lower ceiling but a more reliable floor?

I ran them both through a trade evaluator and they both are heavily not in favor.

Good luck.

Cheers for that. Maybe I am best holding for now and maybe trying to move one of AB or Evans for a different WR or RB. Just to move away from my Tampa reliance

Guy got desperate and offered straight up Kittle for Gronk. I do not think I can pass on that

That makes sense for sure.

I do agree you have a lot of TB stock though. Maybe go back to 1 of them and ask for more for the guy offering CEH. What other top WR or high end WR 2s does he have?

Roster now has Kittle instead of Gronk: The CEH guy has Cooper, AJ Brown and a heap of running backs

Well CEH is > RoJo. Maybe AJ Brown cause he has underperformed?