Been getting Gronk for Ertz offers all day today

Gronk owner in my league is trying to swap him to me for my Ertz.

First was
Gronk, Alshon, Buck Allen for Ertz, Michel
Gronk, Keelan Cole for Ertz
Gronk, Buck for Ertz

I’ve declined them all. I want to see how much I can get from him for Ertz while getting Gronk, but am totally fine keeping Ertz (almost prefer it).

I tried Gronk and Alshon for Ertz, no go.

Thoughts on this offer?


I would rather have the Michel, Ertz, Wilson side.


I wouldn’t swap Ertz for Gronk at all in any trade. Wentz is getting better each week and Gronk is getting even more injury prone.

Gronk is Gronk, if I can get Gronk and a legit 2nd piece I’ll oul the trigger but not getting that yet.

Just got another offer, this one is laughable:

Gronk, Allison, Buck for Ertz, Chris Thompson.

I’d say listen man, it’s Gronk and Jeffery for Ertz only or this conversation is over. If that’s a trade that satisfies you, I’d be willing to bet it works. The walk away is psychologically a powerful sales move. He seems desperate. Just lay it on the line what you have to have and that is the only option. Take it, or leave it.

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yeah i think you’re right. i’m comfortable moving ertz for gronk, but seeing how desperate this owner is for ertz, i want to take advantage, and like i said, i am also very comfortable (almost prefer) keeping Ertz.

He texted me earlier saying he has offers out for WRs and then we can talk when he gets one, which I’m assuming means Alshon or Golladay will become expendable to him and could include one in this deal.

Is it crazy to make an offer for Gronk and Keenan Allen though? Like an Ertz and Thompson/Hyde/Watkins for Gronk and K Allen?

he has been striking out on his deals for another wr, thinking of trying for keenan and gronk for ertz and a piece.

Don’t give up a piece. Get the WR you want with Gronk for Ertz. I’m betting you can make it happen if you remain steadfast.

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do not trade ertz. so much better than Gronk, and way more consistent.

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Take that trade. I would’ve taken any trade that involved gronk for Ertz tbh. Gronk if healthy, will win you the league. I’m more confident in that than almost any other prediction I’ve made.

Gronk hasn’t been able to do anything until now because he’s literally getting double/triple teamed on every single route. I think he had a league high 70%+ double coverage and 30%+ triple coverage on routes run. No one can beat that other than Randy Moss and Megatron.

With Gordon getting involved, edelman back and now a strong running game with Michel, I fully expect gronk to dominate and finish as TE1 from here on out.

Allen is another obvious buy low candidate. Watkins is injured and Hyde is a sell high candidate.

You win that trade by a landslide.

Happily take any water bet of Gronk vs the field from here on out.

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I needed that, thank you. I love Ertz but Gronk is just Gronk. I want Allen(k) bad too.

I just paid up for Allen and AB last night in some blockbuster trades. 2 guys I’m more than happy to buy low on. League winners down the line. Anyone wiling to trade me keenan, i’ve been willing to buy.

Give me all the Keenan and AB TYVM.

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After week 2 I offered JuJu for ab…took him a bit but he declined =\

I just did a massive deal last night involving JJS for AB.

Gave: JJS, Kerryon, ALlison, Vance McD
Received: AB, Powell, Ebron.

It’s actually a pretty fair trade cause he had no depth so all 4 players I gave were starters for him but bench for me. But I’m still super happy with it. Would never be able to acquire AB like that normally but JJS hype is totally high. I love the player but man, at the end of the day… hes no AB.

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Exactly man, I was wishing this guy would’ve said yes in my league. Love juju but…it’s freakin AB

Float the Gronk 2xAllen trade and hope it sticks.

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