Been offered Jordan Howard for Mahomes and Kittle

So I’ve been offered Howard for Mahomes and Kittle.

Given my other QB is Rodgers and my other TE is Gronk should I take this?

I’ve been looking for good RBs.

As much as I like Howard, I’d be lying if I said that last game didn’t make me a little nervous about his usage going forward. Still, that trade seems like trading for the sake of trading. If a trade doesn’t address a need of yours, then don’t do someone else the favor of solving their problems. You should shop one of your TE’s and one of your QB’s to other teams for a package that addresses your team needs.

I’ve been on the hunt for a solid RB so this kind of addresses it. Would love a slightly better RB but it’s a tough one…

I personally would bank on the hype of Mahomes more to get a more higher tier RB…maybe a Saqoun/CMC level trade in a 2 (mahomes+Kittle) for 1 top RB deal

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If they can do Howard + something else, then maybe. Do you need anything else? Howard in 2017 would have been worth this probably.

I wonder if Fournette owner would do Fournette + Yeldon for Mahomes.

I’ve been trying to reach for better RB’s but this is the best offer so far.

Been trying to package Mahomes/Kittle for Mixon, Saquon, CMC types to no avail.

@GCH Yeah there’s no way you would get Saquon or CMC. Mixon only if the person is starting Rosen and Vernon Davis or something…

I agree with @Hazel11 here. Unless you see a person that clearly needs a QB and has an RB better than J Howard to offer you, this doesn’t seem like one that gets you the value you desire or deserve from those two players --depending on what you think of Howard. He’s gonna be fine IMO, but he’s gonna lose touches and that makes him a high end RB2 this week for me.

Try and target guys like Aaron Jones/Michel. Cheaper now but value will increase as year goes on and if you can get a combo of like Mahomes + Kittle for like Jones + Michel or something that’s a pretty solid start.