Befuddling Trade Offer

I am in a twelve man dynasty league .5 ppr and have been offered the following trade.

ME: David Johnson

Them: Pierre Garcon
Isaiah Crowell
3 first round rookie draft picks 2019

I have Saquan Barkley, Kenyon Drake, Rex Burkhead, Chris Ivory, Jaquizz Rodgers, and JD McKissic as my other rbs.

Should I do this?

Do you mean 2020 draft picks or do you have the 1.01(basically Barkley) plus two other 2019 draft picks?

If you are getting DJ and you have Barkley as well i would maybe try and keep one of the picks but seeing as that will give you a stacked backfield i’d probably do it

The 2018 1.01 pick would be Barkley. 2019 draft is next year.

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I would do that trade. Having Barkley and DJ would be a killer RB duo for the foreseeable future. I prefer known commodities rather than future picks anyway,

Whoops read that a little too quickly and mistyped as well! But long and short i’d do that trade to get DJ and Barkley

I would trade the first 3 picks of the 2020 rookie draft, Crow and Garcon for DJ right now.

I was not clear i already have David Johnson and Saquan. I did not trade. thanks for the help.

I see now. I thought you were trying to trade for DJ. Yea, good call, do not make that trade.

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