Beginner’s League

I’m looking to start at least an 8 team league to get my best friend and brother into a league with me. I’m sure many of you know a person or two that wants to play but has little to no experience, this is the league for them and you!


I’d love to join, and I think I may have a few friends that are interested that are also looking to get into Fantasy. Shoot me an invite at

i have been in a couple already but if you need another let me know

Is one season inexperienced enough? Interested,

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Sorry for the delay everyone but I finally created the league and sent out invites this morning. Any additional people you have interested would be awesome.

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Send me a invite Im in

Yes please, send invite to

I’d like to join! you should make it a 10 person league. 8 man is too easy. but if you have room please send invite to

If you have room I am in.

I over booked sorry.