Being offered Freeman for Evans straight up

Being offered Freeman for Evans straight up do i take it?

12 team 2x QB half point PPR…

My team
QB= C.Palmer, M.Mariota, S.Kizer
RB= M.Gordon, T.Gurley, T.Montgomery, D.Martin, D.Johnson
WR= M.Evans, T.Pryor, P.Garcon, S.Diggs,
TE= E.Ebron, H.Henry

His Team
QB= K.Cousins, T.Siemian, A.Luck
RB= D.Murray, D.Freeman, C.Hyde, M.Ingram, L.Murray
WR= A.Jeffery, D.Hopkins, R.Matthews, K.White
TE= Z.Ertz, J.Doyle

You have strong RB depth but not as strong WR depth in my opinion. I think doing this trade will hurt you long term. I would decline it. How many WRs do you start and is there a flex position?

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Thats my concern also… We start 2 WRs and 1 Flex… I feel like I could shop one of my other RBs for a WR

Well Dingus, I think you have good RB depth without Freeman. I’d keep Evans because you’d be weakened pretty bad if you traded him outright for an RB.

Yeah I agree I turned it down… Thanks a lot guys… Im a Falcons Fans so naturally my Fan Boy turned on when I saw My man Freeman up for grabs lol … I needed to be talked down crisis avoided haha

Your WR depth isn’t there. I’d hold pat.