Being offered Odell Beckham is this worth it?

12 team 2x QB Half Point PPR league
Got a offer to trade

I trade away Palmer + Gurley + Diggs
I get Carr + Beckham

My other RBs are= M.Gordon, T.Montgomery, T.Cohen, D.Martin
My other WRs are= M.Evans, T.Pryor, P. Garcon

It sounds like a pretty fair trade im still deep at RB my only concern is Odells ankle and how bad that offence has looked…


Any advice?

you’re pretty solid at RB, carr is an upgrade on palmer with out doubt (could probably start him every week) and odell is a big upgrade to WR core though people are worried about him. PLUS, after this week, gurley has some TOUGH match ups. I say you do it blood

I like diggs alot. obj tho, hmm pretty hard to turn down. Id probably take it.

yeah OBJ is my only worry… I traded for Hopkins early last season and it burned me lol… im just scared ill do it again hhaha

I mean, I’m a texans fan and I love Deandre, but we’re talking about OBJ here, deandre is good but not quite top tier like OBJ. I’d say the only worrying thing about OBJ is that offensive line and Eli having zero escape ability

At worst, OBJ will give you the same production as diggs, at best hes a top 3 wideout. These early weeks will more than likely be gurleys greatest production/impact all season, plus you have some awesome RBs (especially for ppr). And of course you get a guy in DC that you can start every week. I think this is a deal with some risk, but worth the every cent of that risk

The Evans OBJ duo is awesome man. Do it. Gurley is killing it this year but you’ll be fine with Gordon, T. Mont, and Doug when he gets back. Plus, Carr has looked great this season so far.

Yeah I love the trade…Odell is a bit of a concern but i wanna trade Gurley before he hits that tough chunk of his schedule… and the fact im so deep at RB is whats making this possible… Its a big money pool so thats why im being so cautious with it lol

Thanx Footclan… You guys are awesome :grinning::grinning::grinning: