Bell and Adams for Mccoy and ertz?

or Watkins instead of adams

I get bell side

Adams…as in devante? His value has definitely dropped since the Rodgers injury…and Watkins is unreliable as well. Ertz has been consistent and McCoy seems to have the easier fantasy playoff schedule. I’d say depends on PPR or not and other wr’s and TE. Ertz is functioning as at least a WR2 (if not 1), which is super valuable for the TE position…especially this year.

My team: McCoy, Hunt, Miller, Martin, Mckinnon, Drake, Keenan, DT, Parker, Doctson, Ertz, Olsen

.5 points per

With all the other stuff you have going I would say don’t trade for bell. You have a solid forensic team, and when Olsen comes back you will have another legitimate TE option to take over and help with a run to the playoffs. Especially with kelvin in Buffalo now.

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ok. should I at least counter?
his team: bell, mixon, dez, locket, Dickson, adams, crowell

sense I do have olsen should I send ertz and maybe 2 of my rb’s?

If you are looking to upgrade your WR the only one I really like is dez.

I def need a WR but I really just wanted Bell…

seems like the better offense, more work, more opportunity

I would say try to take bell and Lockett for McCoy and Martin/miller(choose one).

There’s always the ability to send away ertz and one of them RBs to get bell, but make sure you aren’t covered in the meantime at TE so you don’t get taken and lose a playoff spot.

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I definitely like bell over mccoy… but idk that Id give up ertz… if you really want Bell try countering with McCoy Olsen… with your team id imagine youre almost a lock for playoffs so losing Ertz week 10 bye shouldnt be a huge impact to your league standings…

I agree. I’d rather ship olesn than Ertz.

What about McCoy miller like Malone said? for lockett and Bell?

ertz is now questionable? I shouldn’t over react?